Categories for Professional Practitioners & Teachers

The UK Reiki Federation offers a range of membership categories to meet the needs of both those using Reiki for themselves, and for Reiki professionals. This page gives information for practitioners and teachers.

If you on this page because you are joining or renewing please click on the key document links (in bold) in the appropriate list(s) below and ensure that you are familiar with the current version of each before proceeding.


  • EU = Europe; WW = Worldwide;
  • All practitioner members are required to complete CPD annually.
  • (see Non-Practitioner Categories - Friend, Student, Associate)

Practitioner (PM) £55 pa (EU £65, WW £75)

Suitable for those who work on a professional basis.

  • Minimum 9 months since Reiki I
  • Has Reiki II (or NOS equivalent from 2015)
  • Provide Reiki lineage back to Usui>  [new window/tab]
  • Sign Code of Ethics   [new window/tab]
  • Must provide evidence of current Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance
    (details and application forms for our Balens group policy here)   [new window/tab]
  • Character reference required
  • Inclusion on Practitioner listings (main listing held in Federation office, copy on this website)
  • Voting member
  • Receive copy of Practitioner Pack
  • May use "UK Reiki Federation Member" on stationery
  • Must provide evidence of CPD on renewing or rejoining

Master Practitioner (MPM) £55 pa
(EU £65, WW £75)

Suitable for those who wish to work on a professional basis, but hold advance Practitioner or Master Practitioner Reiki certificate.

As for Practitioner member (see above) plus:

  • Holds Master, Master Practitioner, 3a or 3 Reiki certificate

Master Teacher (MT) £55 pa
(EU £65, WW £75)

For those who hold a certificate as a Reiki Master Teacher and wish to teach.

As for Master Practitioner member (see above), plus:

  • Minimum 12 months since Reiki 1
  • Holds one of the following certificates: Reiki 3b, IV or Master Teacher Certificate. "Master" certificates should clearly state that the individual is qualified to teach, initiate or attune to Reiki
  • Insurance certificate should include cover for Reiki teaching
    (details and application forms for our Balens group policy here)   [new window/tab]