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What is Reiki?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There are many books, papers and working groups around the world contributing to such definitions and descriptors. The following FAQ should therefore be regarded as 'Work in Progress':

Activities & Services

The UK Reiki Federation is a not-for-profit professional Reiki organisation, which promotes best practice within the field of Reiki, offering support to Reiki professionals, and to the Public.

Membership Benefits & Member Support

As one of the largest and most respected Reiki Organisations in the UK we are increasingly being seen as the first port of call for Reiki professionals and the public. For our members, we offer a variety of services and a community of practice, as well as public services and information, and confirmation to potential clients and colleagues of the minimum levels of training and professional development that we require of members.

Join, Renew or Upgrade Membership of the UK Reiki Federation

We are inclusive, in relation to differing styles of Reiki, focused, in the support of our members, pride ourselves on clear lines of accountability and are committed to the promotion of a professional Reiki organisation to the public at large. The UK Reiki Federation offers different categories of membership, in order to acknowledge the various levels of training and professionalism within our membership, and the adoption of Voluntary Self Regulation.

Practitioner Membership

Categories for Professional Practitioners & Teachers

The UK Reiki Federation offers a range of membership categories to meet the needs of both those using Reiki for themselves, and for Reiki professionals. This page gives information for practitioners and teachers.

Non-Practitioner Membership

Categories for Friends, Associates and Students

The UK Reiki Federation offers a range of membership categories to meet the needs of both those using Reiki for themselves, and for Reiki professionals, including opportunity for individuals who are not members to become "friends" of the UK Reiki Federation. This page gives information for non-practitioners.

Affiliated Membership

Are you a Reiki organisation in the UK or overseas who would like to link up with one of the largest Reiki professional associations in the UK?  The UK Reiki Federation are able to offer Affiliated Membership (AMO) to Reiki organisations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joining

This page answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Membership Criteria, the Joining process, and Membership Services and Benefits. Please also read the more detailed pages in this section though!

Mailing Address

 Our address is    Laughing 

UK Reiki Federation

Unit 2d Fitz Gilbert Court

Castledown Business Park



SP11 9FA

Telephone number 01264 791441.  We aim to deal personally with your telephone calls between 10 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday, with a telephone answering service being available at all times.

Email address for all enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Information for Practitioner Members

Practitioner members currently have access to a range of resources.

Key Documents

This section contains the key documents that clarify in detail who we are and what we do. They have been developed in consultation with our membership and with the assistance of a number of other organisations. For an overview of the section please see:

Subcategory: Key Documents


Governance and Structure

The UK Reiki Federation has a Management Committee and an Administrative team, supported by a number of Working Teams.

Styles of Reiki

The UK Reiki Federation encompasses all styles of Reiki in its membership. 

The UK Reiki Federation’s aims and objectives include the provision of membership for all styles of Reiki, which also allows equal opportunity for all Reiki people.

Frequently Asked Questions - Index

There are several pages of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) across the site - to find them quickly, especially if you know you saw the answer but can't remember where... here is a list of all them:

Student Membership

Membership for Students

Membership and insurance is avaialble for Reiki students.

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By popular request we are now offer both Student Membership and Student Insurance. Reiki students need only send in a letter from their teachers to confirm that they are undertaking training in order to take advantage of this level of membership, and insurance.